Buying Solutions Award

Buying Solutions Framework Agreement Award


January 20th 2011 sees the award by Buying Solutions, the national procurement partner for UK public services of a new nationwide framework agreement  for Face to Face Interpreting Services for 49 languages, at low pre-negotiated rates, 24 hours / 365 days a year.

The competition was keenly competed and very strongly motivated by the economic need to drive down costs, whilst still providing a stable and reliable service for the next three years. The framework agreement is therefore accessible by all UK Government Departments and Public Bodies.

Prestige Network, the longest established and experienced ‘face to face’ provider in this field , scored highly on delivering overall value for money, with costs substantially lower than current provision elsewhere in this sector.

With over 5,000 interpreters across the UK, Prestige Network’ experience includes HMCS, the Appeals Service, DWP, Local Authorities and are a core provider to UK Government.

This framework agreement provides a route for provision of Face-to-Face Interpreting Services (simultaneous, consecutive and whispering) at any location within the UK.


•         Western European languages

•         Eastern European languages

•         Asian, Arabic and Oriental languages

•         African languages

•         Other specialist/rare languages

•         British Sign language

•         Finger Spelling

•         Sign Supported English

•         Notetaking

•         Speech to Text Operator

•         Lipspeaking

•         Deafblind Communication


Conference interpreting is also included. Services can also be provided for assignments which are outside the UK. The service will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Language specialisms include, but are not be limited to, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, IT, media, trauma, children, education, mental health, transportation, engineering, procurement, marketing, housing, benefits, immigration, defence, security, technical and government (central and local).

*This is an approximate cost based on previous work. For a detailed price please contact us on 01635 866 888